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At this
critical time,
let’s simplify giving patients the right nutrition

ESPEN* guidance recommends ONS for people with COVID-19 who are malnourished, or risk becoming so1

ONS should be used whenever possible to meet patients’ needs, when dietary counseling and food fortification are not sufficient to increase dietary intake and reach nutritional goals

The ONS should image The ONS should image2

Are your malnourished patients getting enough protein?

Malnourished older adults need more protein than healthy older adults.‡2

Older adults, especially those hospitalised, have high protein requirements as they can experience accelerated muscle loss that increases the risk of complications and death.3,4


However, only 15% of oral nutritional supplements (ONS) sold in the UK are high in protein.§5


Find the optimal ONS for Your patients…

With increased protein requirements

The only high-protein ONS that contains additional vitamin D and calcium HMB

Ensure_Plus_Advance_vanilla-22 (1)

Who struggle with volume

The presentation most people prefer,#6 with 99% compliance**7

Ensure compact


The juice-style ONS that provides more energy and protein than the market leader††$$

Ensure plus juce

HELPING YOU simplify nutrition for vulnerable patients


Direct to patient delivery

Send free samples direct to your patients with free standard delivery


Free educational resources

Listen to podcasts and webinars with experts as they discuss care for older patients


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*ESPEN: European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.
†ONS: Oral nutritional supplements.
‡ESPEN 2018 guidelines recommend a higher protein intake (>1.0 g/kg/day) for older adults, particularly in those at risk of malnutrition, compared to 0.8 g/kg/day for adults of all ages.2
§IQVIA wholesaler sales into UK community pharmacies, 2019 units; ESPEN Guidelines on Enteral Nutrition definition of high protein formulae (9 Feb 2006).
|HMB: HMB: β-hydroxy-β-methyl butyrate.
¶In the UK.
#62% of people preferred two 125 ml servings per day vs two 200 ml or one 220 ml serving a day (n=58).6
**Independent research of 25 adults who were asked to drink 2 bottles of Ensure Compact a day for 7 days. Only 3 out of 350 Ensure Compact bottles were not consumed.7
††Per serving the market leader contains 7.8 g protein and 300 jcal in a 200 ml bottle.
$$Based on IQVIA retail sales analysis data, units, MAT July 2021, across all juice stlye oral nutritional supplement products.

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